Strategic Relocation

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This is a huge topic, and ultimately is a personal decision.

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Maximize these, bearing in mind first and foremost that fewer people means fewer problems:

  • A long growing season (these are shrinking)
  • Geographic isolation from major population centers
  • Sufficient year-round precipitation and surface water (these are highly variable--some places are getting wetter, some places are experiencing drought)
  • Rich topsoil
  • A diverse economy and agriculture
  • Away from interstate freeways and other channelized areas
  • Low taxes
  • Nonintrusive scale of government
  • Favorable zoning, inexpensive building permits, WATER RIGHTS
  • Minimal gun laws
  • No major earthquake, hurricane, or tornado risks -- these are accentuated by GSM
  • No flooding risk -- so is this
  • No tidal-wave risk (at least two hundred feet above sea level)
  • Minimal forest-fire risk
  • A lifestyle geared toward self-sufficiency
  • Plentiful local sources of wood or coal
  • No restrictions on keeping livestock
  • Defensible terrain
  • Not near a prison or large mental institution
  • Inexpensive insurance rates (home, auto, health)
  • Upwind from major nuclear-weapons targets