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Open Discounts

Golden State Silver

Golden State Silver provides 3rd-party certified 99.99 silver for use crafting your own Colloidal Silver.

Get 5% off using discount code IAF2018.

Iron Edison Battery

Iron Edison has unique

See IAF Podcast Episode 22 for an interview with Rhodes from IEB, who discusses how to architect and build out a robust off-grid energy system.

Mention Ice Age Farmer for 5% off.

IAF Supporters

The following folks offer discounts to IAF Patreon supporters:

  • Berkey Guy (10% off): water filters and more
  • TheAquaponicSource.com (10% off): aquaponics/hydroponics equipment, organic aquaponic fish food
  • Algae Research Supply (10% off): spirulina cultures
  • Mumms Sprouting Seeds (10% off): bulk sprouting seeds, I have seen great germination rate
  • Cultures for Health (15% off): fermentation supplies, starter cultures (Kombucha SCOBY, Kefir grains, more)