IAF Podcast Episode 22

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IAF Podcast #22, aired November 15, 2017:

Special guest Rhodes Carter of Iron Edison Battery joins the Ice Age Farmer podcast to discuss energy security and how to design a resilient, flexible off-grid energy system that will meet our needs -- even in extreme temperatures. Rhodes takes through system design from generation to storage. I also noted that Iron Edison's Nickle-Iron batteries can be more fully discharged without damage, perform even in freezing temps, and simply last longer, requiring less maintenance than standard lead-acid batteries...that's why I reached out to them!

Iron Edison has extended a 5% DISCOUNT to IAF listeners -- just mention the podcast when you call.  You can also call just to talk through a project; IE has a staff of experienced solar designers who love nothing more than to speak to folks about their project and needs, and help translate that into what system/components would be best.

Iron Edison

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