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Given the censorship and even moves to criminalize "climate dissent," I don't want anyone to be able to pull these videos offline. Thus, I have posted these episodes videos via DTube, a decentralized video service (based on Steem and ipfs, if you must know!) For more on steem, see here, but it's out of scope for this article.

Suffice to say, some dude at Youtube can't pull these videos.

My DTube stream is here, and I also upload IAF Podcasts and many videos here as well, to avoid any single point of failure.

Open questions

  • I welcome suggestions as to other relevant content that is similarly educational and, transitively, likely at risk of being moved down the memory hole like so much else.
  • I welcome suggestions as to better platforms on which to distribute this content, and ensure it is findable and accessible.
  • If you're on steem, I welcome upvotes
  • As well, I'm open to help with how to best organize/curate. Get in touch, we're all in this together!

IAF Original Content

IAF Podcast

These link to the uncensorable videos (DTube). For links to Youtube and an mp3 audio version, see each episode under Category:IAF Podcast.

  • Ep #1: Grand Solar Minimum and Steps towards Self-Sufficiency
  • Ep #2: GSM news of climate-caused secondary effects, Zuckerberg visits a farm; IAF equipment advisory, plus your questions on reflective insulation, grid down scenarios, and prolific greens
  • Ep #3: JPL/NASA's James Shirley writes on the Grand Solar Minimum, plus daily steps from folks in the community
  • Ep #4: Human Behavior & Intro to Alternative Building Materials: Cobb, Strawbale, Adobe for the Grand Solar Minimum
  • Ep #5: Great Famine of 1315, Grand Solar Minimum news, self sufficient goats, Bitcoin "fork," & more
  • Ep #6: "Abrupt Earth Changes" Happening NOW; Preparing w-o Property; Slug & more
  • Ep #7: "Lucifer's Snow?" Grief, Romans, and the Case for Cows
  • Ep #8: Grand Solar Minimum Damage Report, Frost Blankets, Self-Defense: Unbrainwash!
  • Ep #9: Plant "Hacks," Censorship, Greenhouse Collapse, Grand Solar Minimum News
  • Ep #10: Black Monday 1360, Sunflower, Potato Towers, Nutritious-yet-Hardy crops, IAF wiki
  • Ep #11: Soil, Natural Cycles, Indiana & Germany Farm Reports, Peas!
  • Ep #12: Elites Constructing "Alt-Ag;" Plant Anatomy, Power to the Individual, Grand Solar Minimum!
  • Ep #13: Harvey/Irma; Miracles; Crickets for Protein; Grand Solar Minimum News/Intensification; Fungal Diseases

Fair Use