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Air date: Monday, November 6, 2017


Many new studies have proven that Black Death was not only pneumonic or bubonic plague. Many corpses have been found to have a “Ebolalike” component.  The bug on that report, the new outbreak going on at same time as the pneumonic plague, is Marburg, which is a “Ebolalike” disease only more deadly than the cousin Ebola. So my question is, is this just coincidental, or is it because of the solar minimum and like during the Maunder Minimum we will see a marriage between pneumonic plague and Marburg?  Is the SHTF for 50% of us?
  • Literally a nonstop stream of news coming from twitter and [1]. Check it out, because it's simply too much to cover here in a way that does it justice.
  • Lightning round of GSM symptoms news:
    • Hard freeze 2-4 wks early for much of Eastern US, via Bob Felix -- winter coming earlier


    • Meanwhile, New Zea getting hit yesterday (11/5) with huge cold blast and snowstorm, just before summer! chipping away at growing season from both ends.
    • biblical hailstorms in { Australia, Bogota Colombia, and then again in NSW }
    • quakes in { the arctic, Wyoming, Tonga, French Alps (140 in last month), New Caledonia, Indonesia
    • floods in Chennai, deadly. Mexico (mudslides). flooding in central america, Colombia, Mombasa Kenya, NH (130mph wind); Queensland's October the wettest since 1975, causing crop losses and widespread power outages; Tanzania also record rainfall, causing flooding
    • record breaking snow in Colorado mountains tonight (2' expected), 16" in wyoming, early snow in seattle and China
    • tornados in Turkey
    • typhoon Damrey in Vietnam, deadly
    • Popocatepetl spewing ash in Mexico, Bardarbunga in Iceland, Stromboli in Italy.

Ice Breaker: Stories from the Frontier: 1848

Tales of pioneers struggling to make it as they moved west into different climates, and how they were able to survive as a community.

Viewer Feedback: Follow-up from Richard, farmer in Indiana

Hominy​ ​follow​ ​up​ ​links:

Why must corn undergo nixtamalization prior to prolonged subsistence? Hominy recipe A great source for open pollinated corn seed.


  • TheWatchmen2011:
For hypothyroidism, I would recommend looking into the work of Dr. Ray Peat. Ray Peat dot come is his website. He has a newsletter of monthly articles. He in my opinion is the authority on hormones and thyroid and is one of the few who is ahead of his time and is good at 'connecting re dots.' His approach is mainly diet. There is a website called RayPeatForum dot com where other scientists and people who follow him talk about the same stuff and if you want to know about a health issue you can type the name of it in the search bar on the forum and get results for topics on it discussed which usually have many good nuggets of truth in them to help out.

Book of the Day

The Winter Harvest Handbook, Eliot Coleman - http://amzn.to/2Ao8IPW

Item of the Day: Headlamps

I use this every single day, have multiple on hand: