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Air date: July 14, 2017


  • algae bloom killing cattle in lake county, OR

first reported case in Lake County, a result of heavy rains after few seasons of drought https://www.agweb.com/article/algae-outbreak-kills-32-cattle-in-oregon-apnews/

  • as if we needed anything more, Mormon crickets are at record high levels — dangerous on roads, and eating crops

https://www.sott.net/article/356362-US-West-is-battling-crop-killing-insect-swarms Why? deep snow cover helped insulate and protect the eggs,

^ both examples of how changing conditions will result in unexpected behaviors in a complex system

  • M-class solar flare — look for outages like the April 21st power outages:


  • zuckerberg visits a Wisconsin farm, talks about wanting to know where his food comes from

discipline -- work morning to night

yes but baby, when you have that first salad from your own garden, you taste the freedom

and you want more

and when you go through days eating only food you've sourced, grown, prepared

it's worth it

really interesting about the timing here — we see big investments in indoor farming

zuckerberg talking about food sources

RIGHT as crops are being decimated

75% georgia peaches — http://www.walb.com/story/35592005/most-of-2017-georgia-peach-crop-lost-because-of-weather

and RIGHT as NASA talks about Solar Minimum

+ they are broadcasting the pre-scripting for mass crop-loss, food shortages, famines,

  • speaking of crop losses, briefly, remember it's also about the quality of crop

Germany struggling with heavy rains, making high-protein wheat hard to come by: https://www.agweb.com/article/german-downpours-may-make-high-protein-wheat-harder-to-find-blmg/

Fueling price increases: Spring%20Wheat%20Surges1.png

  • Southern hemisphere, winter

Australia having a HELL of a winter

Chile too: https://www.iceagenow.info/record-cold-unusual-snowfall-chile/

breaking cold record set in 1924

this does not bode well for our coming winter. Start getting ready now.

IAF Advisory

45W kingbo -- some of them are a bit shoddy; a corner is electrified, sometimes my whole rack shocks me. just be warned. Still a decent lamp at a good price, but now we know why.

Speaking of electric shock, don't use water heaters in too little water, they break, and then will shock the shit out of you


[gabriel L] what kind of reflective coating is that ?

Reflectix, brand insulation see here among its uses, when used under the circulating pipes under a radiant heat floor, it has an R value of 21. have a feeling we'll be revisiting this material--or something like it, hopefully cheaper--when exploring a radiant-heated greenhouse, water circulated through a solar water heater or compost heater

[merlyn] nice setup but how does this work when grid goes offline

Listen for full discussion.

[Jack-L] most prolific greens?

Listen for full discussion sweet potato, and then a tuber, radish, plus super short to harvest, holland greens typhon


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