IAF Podcast Episode 16

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IAF Podcast #16, aired Wednesday, 10/4/2017:

Icebreaker: Puerto Rico coverage -- systems break down

  • 100% agriculture -- no one talking about
  • grid down / gas distribution / logistics "reboot"

Daily Steps

  • Shawn: overcame anxiety after realization, got some non-gmo seeds, started planting away!
  • Shaun: doing experiments with DC voltage applied to seeds
  • James Coleman: lives in Canada, and is now a criminal for listening to this Podcast, and for questioning the Global Warming narrative
  • Phi: has written letters to local papers, trying to get climate truth in Opinion Piece -- awesome work Phi
  • k-Bird: was inspired by the video of vertical towers i posted to try his hand, thrilled to hear
  • I: spent 90min today on the two spirulina tanks, which is too much! in these times, need systems that will run themselves. looking/feeling more and more like the self-sufficient homestead of the future is going to look more like an acre and a goat, than battlestar galactica...but hope springs eternal that tech will help soften our landing.

GSM news

Driven by Grand Solar Minimum Symptoms hashtags, but the episode also featured the following:

HAM Radio

Radio is powerful. The ability to communicate independently is desirable.

I have and recommend a handheld Baofeng; they are programmable so that you can set the frequencies of local repeaters, and have these handy in an emergency/grid-down situation.

Also mentioned: coverage of HAM operators saving lives in Puerto Rico.

Book of the Day: Encyclopedia of Country Living

This is a really great guide, tips for self-sufficient homestead:

Item of the Day: Baofeng BF-F8HP

Let's go ahead and make the recommendation of a handheld radio official. Being able to communicate without grid power/internet is important, and worth $60: