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The .22 Long Rifle caliber (5.6x15mmR) is a small, rimfire cartridge that is inexpensive and popular. It was developed from the .22 Short and .22 Long calibers in the late 19th Century. Some .22 LR firearms (exception: semi-automatics) may also chamber and use the older rounds (usually marked ".22 Short, Long and LR").

Appeal to Survivalists

The .22 LR caliber is popular for its price and utility. It is one of the least expensive rounds available, making it affordable to practice with. It is also useful for tasks such as hunting small game or exterminating small varmints.

Ballistic Characteristics

There are a variety of different types of .22 LR loads. They are often divided into four categories, based on velocity:

  • Subsonic, which includes "target" or "match" loads, at nominal velocities below 1100 feet per second (fps) or 335 meters per second (mps).
  • Standard-velocity: 1120–1135 fps/340–345 mps.
  • High-velocity: 1200–1310 fps/365–400 mps.
  • Hyper-velocity, or Ultra-velocity: over 1400 fps or 425 mps.

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