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Matches are small sticks of wood or strips of paper coated with chemicals such as phosphorous and sulfur at the tip that allow you to easily start a fire.

Types of Match

  • Book matches are stiff strips of paper with a coated end. They can be either purchased or acquired for free as promotional items from various businesses.
  • Strike-on-box matches are wooden and require a special friction strip to be lit. Strike anywhere matches are far superior for survival purposes.
  • Strike-Anywhere matches will work on any high-friction surface making them more ideal for survivalist use.

Waterproofing Matches

  • Containers are available to store matches in that will both waterproof and protect them from other damage. Materials range from plastic to aluminum or brass.
  • Waxing, with this method, matches are dipped into melted candle wax, then laid onto wax paper to dry. This will repel all moisture away from the wax covered portion as well as providing some extra fuel.
  • Nail Polish is also used by pouring a small amount of nail polish into a soda bottle cap. Dip the match heads into the nail polish, then set the matches on a book, or the edge of a table, so the heads are in the air, and can dry thoroughly.

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