Insect-Repellant Plants

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List of plants and pests they can help to alleviate:

Basil -- Flies, Mosquitoes, Asparagus Beetle

Borage -- Tomato Worm

Calendula -- Asparagus Beetles, Tomato Worms

Catnip -- Ants, Aphids, Cockroaches, Flea Beetle, Japanese Beetles

Chrysanthemum -- Mexican Bean Beetle

Cosmos -- Mexican Bean Beetle

Coriander -- Aphids

Dandelion -- Colorado Potato Beetle

Dead Nettle -- Potato Beetle

Fennel -- Fleas

Flax -- Potato Beetle

Garlic -- Aphids, Apple Scab, Borers, Japanese Beetles, Peach Leaf Curl Disease, Spider Mites

Geranium -- Cabbage Worm, Red Spider Mite

Henbit -- General insect repellant

Horseradish -- Potato Beetle

Hyssop -- Cabbage Moth

Lavender -- Mice, Ticks, Moths

Marigold -- Mexican Bean Beetle, Nematodes

Mint -- Ants, Aphids, Cabbage Moth, Fleas, Mice

Mole Plant -- Mice, Moles

Nasturnium -- White Flies, Squash Bugs, Striped Pumpkin Beetle, Wooly Aphid (apple)

Oregano -- Cabbage Butterfly, Cucumber Beetle

Parsley -- Beetles

Pennyroyal -- Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes

Pot Marigold -- Asparagus Beetle, Tomato Worm

Radish -- Cucumber Beetle

Rosemary -- Bean Beetles, Cabbage Moth, Carrot Fly

Rue -- Flies, Japanese Beetle, Cats, Dogs

Sage -- Bean beetle, Cabbage Moth, Carrot Fly, Slugs

Southernwood -- Cabbage Moth

Sunflower -- Armyworm

Tansy -- Ants, Fleas, Flies, Japanese Beetle, Moths, Striped Cucumber Beetles, Squash Bugs

Thyme -- Cabbage Worm

Wormwood -- Animals