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Air date: August 3, 2017

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Today: Preparing for a Grand Solar Minimum / hibernation without owning property. A look at 'Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes' from 14th Century, as clues to what lies ahead. And how to START with a new property.

Ice Age Farmer Ep #6: 'Abrupt Earth Changes' from 14th Century, Happening NOW Again; Building on a new Property, News, more

IAF006: 8/3/2017 Mapping a path forward to prosperity, building resilient communities.

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SHOW NOTES: 1. Daily Steps

Huge shout-out & congratulations to Paul D, just bought property: mad props!
Pipi Bernstein shares: making an herb drying rack indoors. It's inspiring me to prune my herbs like I ought to now that I have a drying Zone. I am using mint to undesolate the land here. It's aggressive nature is bringing it back to life.
Lisa:  Also, put your peppermint in big pots and put them at every doorway to keep ants out. You might put a few large peppermints in with the seedlings, it detours all kinds of bugs.
Spirulina:  getting the hang of controlling production through light and temperature.  posted a video about this to YT
 - Posted a video on harvesting spirulina and maintaining your culture:
  = this and the earlier vids, plus recipe for medium and nutrient mixes, all: http://iceagefarmer.com/spirulina
Aquaponics bandit!  - low-intensity green bulb. Slug?

2. "Ice Breaker": history section

Today, Sacha Dobler's ABRUPT EARTH CHANGES  [abruptearthchanges.com]

Also mentioned: HeartMath's research into heart/ANS synchronization with Geomagnetic Activity:


3. NEWS:

SPACE LIGHTNING over Australia (7/19):



3 Volcanoes on first day(s) of August:  #Sinabung (#Indonesia), #Poas (#CostaRica), #Sheveluch (#Russia) 


35 Fatalities, 48 hours, India:


213 Gujarat (West India) — we tend to focus on the human aspects, but the CROP LOSSES are huge here as well


Australian Weather Bureau found to be FALSIFYING CLIMATE DATA, just the latest fraud:
Eight degrees of cooling magically disappears
 http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/31/australia-weather-bureau-caught-tampering-with-climate-numbers/  http://joannenova.com.au/2017/08/scandal-australian-bureau-of-meteorology-caught-erasing-cold-temperatures/


Study finds [more!] evidence that the Sun is externally powered, electric universe:

WINTER ALL OVER THE GLOBE -- adapt 2030's latest:


4. Questions: (a) "Ethan Asher" writes in:

Is home owner ship the only way to start preparing for what's coming. I ask because a lot of the hydro/aqua ponics set ups I've seen don't seem feasible in a 2 bedroom apartment.

"Max Smith" nails it!

Apartment living is perfect because now you will have to overcome many limitations of your living space to grow food. What you learn in the overcoming is going to be your best harvest. Get started--please.

Adding to that, on two fronts:

1.  skills. become valuable to community.  imagine food pouring forth from your hands with ease, under any number of conditions.  become that person.
look into urban farming, urban homesteading, and urban prepping.

(b) Back to Paul D, where do I start with my new property?

I want to throw this out to the audience -- what are your favorite sources for picking up new sustainable practices?  
 My 2c, consider: PDC.  philosophies
 Also: urban farmers, Growing your Greens, have lots of videos, good understanding of how to fit good growth in small space
 Library:  old books:  encyc of country living, catalog of mother earth news.  Lots to learn, these will give you giblets, hints at directions to try.  
 Jack Spirko survival podcast, knowledgable guy, great community of folks, expert council -- inspiration for this show.