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Paramagnetism; Superseeds; Survivor Cow; Global Cooling Narrative Shift

Air date: December 2, 2017

Covering: Paramagnetism; Superseeds; Survivor Cow; Global Cooling Narrative Shift. Fragility of Power Grids + Erupting Plasma Filaments; Indoor growing. Analysis of media and HUGE shifts in the Narrative that deliberately hijack "Global Cooling," and crowd namespace, causing confusion -- Importance of spreading the word about the Grand Solar Minimum now, before new narrative is established.


Grid Fragility

  • Germany: grid extremely vulnerable


"Whenever the grid threatens to fly out of control, Tennet grid operators need to move fast and intervene. Years ago before the wind and solar energy were fed in to the grid in significant volumes, operators intervened to avert a black out maybe “up to five times per year“.  But today “we are up to 1000 – 1500 interventions per year,” says Volker Weinreich, Director of the Hanover grid control center.
The HR reports further: “The Energiewende means more and more work for the men and women at the control center in Hanover.” And they “must always be alert.” According to Weinreich, the grid “no longer functions without the daily interventions by these employees“."
  • Peterson on power grid


  • IAF Episode 15: Our Grid is Teetering on the Edge


Huge Shift in Narrative to HIDE Grand Solar Minimum

  • ALERT: Agung Shifting the Narrative to HIDE Grand Solar Minimum

https://d.tube/#!/v/iceagefarmer/nenc6e7q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPVDfHGWP8k

https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/885802/Bali-volcano-Mount-Agung-news-update-freeze-climate-change-global-warming-NASA-indonesia http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2017/11/bali-s-mt-agung-eruption-could-send-temperatures-plunging.html

YOU HAVE TO LAUGH when trash media shares a graph that Bob from marketing made, announcing that Bali's eruption may "temporarily cause cooling" You and I, and anyone who looks at the data, know temperatures haven't risen in 18 years, and in fact have started declining --

But then, remember, the liberal establishment has adopted this as dogma; they're doubling down even now:

The eruption of Bali has at least made headlines -- use it as a vector! introduce the concept of solar minima: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/234022172_Explosive_volcanic_eruptions_triggered_by_cosmic_rays_Volcano_as_a_bubble_chamber people won't necessarily believe you or be able even to listen that long, but victory: any concepts you introduce are in their mind, waiting to be explored this is why i'll sometimes post on the trending hashtags just to get people to see #GrandSolarMinimum and #GlobalCooling

GSM Symptoms

  • Earthquakes in strange places
  • Siberia, reaching -60C: As the geomagnetic pole tends that way, so too do the polar weather patterns. Massive earth changes, visible every day.

https://www.sott.net/article/369540-Temperatures-in-Siberia-dropping-to-79F-60C-and-winter-is-just-beginning https://weather.com/news/weather/news/2017-11-28-siberia-colder-than-minus-60-degrees-in-november

  • UK at -10C, officials warning 40,000 could die --


  • Flooding in Hawaii (plus snow coming unseasonably early)


  • Flooding in Thailand affects 400,000


  • Study from U of Bristol, volcanic supereruptions are more frequent than previously thought


Viewer Feedback


Yes...it's been a bit chilly in Hawaii, am having to wear socks with my flip flops

jesse van es

i live in SW Thailand [8'N], temperatures, have dropped over the last few days, 2-3 dgrs, wind feels "chilly"

Jim Ferebee

I believe we need to only try to inform people to the point we don't feel guilty after things change. Most will not understand and truly can't cope with any scenario other than our tranquil world we live in now. Your subscribers that comment on your videos tells me that we are not alone. That is comforting. Keep them coming.  I am a farmer. Change is all we know.

CreoleGenius the Ice Age Permaculturist

Reworking the beds, and before a nice rain, I sowed the Austrian Winter Peas as a cover crop, to fix nitrogen in the newly reworked bed. They were covered with more soil and mulch. 


I retired from nursing to grow cannabis in a legal state, had to leave my state to do it. Anyway, I got this idea to bring in my container veggies inside and put them with the cannabis. Btw, remember to spray the crap outta them first, super important! I put them with the blooming plants on 12 and 12 for light time. They did great and I had peppers and tomatoes all winter. This year I started preparing a space just for food growing in the basement. The food seedlings and cuttings I keep upstairs in the "veg room" on 24 hr light fluorescent  tubes are fine, when they get to size 18" or so I take them to the bloom room. easy peasy! In the bloom room I use LED panels I got them for $20. online and they just plug in, no assembly. the panels are 12" square. Keep the panels close to the plant like 2 foot max.

SJS Blacksmith

As a part of our 'steps' we are planning on building a wood fired cob oven, and a root cellar.  We already have some animals on our  homestead: a few dairy goats, 30+? chickens and a few ducks, some dairy steers, and a jersey heifer that will have her first calf and start giving milk in the spring. We bred her to a red Devon bull which is a good dual purpose heritage breed that does well on just grass without grain inputs. We had a pretty good garden, and did a lot of canning this year. Some things did well, and some things did not this year due to the excess rain.  For example the zucchini simply would not grow, as it does not like 'wet feet.'  Next door at my wife's parents garden, they had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes. They make tall berms that they cover with weed barrier and drip tape, then poke the starts through little holes near the top and they are less bothered by excess rain this way. Although the mice are still hard on the sweet potatoes, I have another client who plants onions all the way around her garden to keep the mice out.  
After you did the plant hack episode I have been meaning to send you some interesting info on Dr Phil Callahan. He did some extensive research on paramagnetism and it's effects on plant growth and germination. I haven't read his books yet,(they are on the list...) but have read about him in Acres, USA. Paramagnetic rocks like basalt, granite, and sandstone are able to absorb ultra low frequency electromanetic radiation and then the energy helps stimulate the plants... There was an excellent feature  article in Acres years ago about sweet corn and paramagnetic rock dust. An internet search will probably give you a better idea of what some people have been doing with paramagnetic rock dust, and obelisks. 
Another interesting thing that Dr Phil Callahan worked on with Dr Tom Dikestra? Was that plants signal insects to come eat them, in the infrared spectrum. When plants are out of balance, they glow in a way that signals insects from up to 2000M away. When plants are in a healthy homeostasis, they are more resistant to insects and fungal diseases. If they have free nitrites, nitrates, and amino acids then they have a different frequency, than if they are using all those things to produce complete proteins and fats. When the sap pH is too high, then the plants are susceptible to insects damage. When it's too low, such as after being sucked dry by insects, then they become more susceptible to fungal diseases. In general insects with simple digestive systems can't process healthy complete proteins, and fungal diseases can't get a foothold on plants that are producing healthy lipids, and that have a nice strong waxy surface to the leaves. 


  • Follow up on smoke
  • Leaving no stone unturned :: Crop circles => super seeds

ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH generating non-thermal plasma ? Maybe a longshot, but I did see some achievable, low-cost methods of creating a vacuum and producing ephemeral not trying to play with primer fields --

Studies: http://pubs.rsc.org/-/content/articlehtml/2017/ra/c6ra24762h http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1009-0630/16/1/12/meta https://www.nature.com/articles/srep05859

Video of one homemade plasma vacuum chamber: youtube.com/watch?v=mvGoECTJXhg


Survivor Cow. https://www.thedodo.com/survivor-cow-found-alive-on-an-745898246.html

We may not fully comprehend the path we are on, but as long as we are doing our best, that's all we can do. Here's an example where a cow did that: the problem she sees is, "GTFO the island." Eating grass doesn't look objectively like it could possibly help. But it's all she could do, so she did it, and lo and behold, it WAS the path that led to her salvation.

"Trust in God, but row away from the rocks."