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Electroculture, mentioned in Episode 8, comprises many different approaches and methodologies to encourage above-average plant growth. Many involve the use of one or more of magnetic, electric, audio fields.

This primer is really the best place to start, it's quite inclusive.



There are some reports of increased germination and/or growth during/after exposure to slight (+6v, +12v) DC fields.

I am putting this to the test.


Seed Pre-treatment

I've also seen suggestions that electricity should be applied to the seeds before planting. This Indian study involving pre-treating seeds with 240v AC(!), then 27v DC - improving germination, drastically increasing growth.


I haven't explored these, but they seem promising. This may be part of what's involved with the Pyramids.


As a musician, I attacked this first: see Sonic Bloom. However, as I've noted in that article, I'm no longer terribly confident in its efficacy.

There is more to this than the Sonic Bloom frequencies however.