Cross-Pollination Guide

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Vegetable Crop Will Cross-Pollinate With
Asparagus Wild Asparagus
Beans Self-pollinating; very small chance of different species (runner, yardlong, lima, etc.) cross-pollinating.
Beets Readily crosses with any Beta vulgaris species: Swiss chard, leaf beet, spinach beet, etc.
Broccoli Readily crosses with any Brassica oleracea species: Cauliflower, Cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, romanesco broccoli, kale, collard greens, broccoli
Brussels Sprouts See: Broccoli
Carrot Queen Anne’s Lace, and any subspecies of Daucus carota
Cabbage See: Broccoli
Cauliflower See: Broccoli
Corn Sweet, flour, popcorn, flint, dent, and ornamental corns, teosinte
Cucumber Will cross pollinated with parthenocarpic cucumber varieties. Please note: it is a commonly held belief that cucumbers will cross with squash and melons. This is false.
Eggplant Self-fertilizing
Garlic Self-fertilizing
Melons Cucumis melo species will cross pollinate; honeydew, cantaloupe, canary melon, etc. Please note: they will not cross-pollinate with watermelons and cucumbers.
Onion Note: onions will not cross-pollinate with leeks or chives. Bunching onions and bulb onions can cross-pollinate, although this is extremely rare.
Parsnip Wild parsnip; It is a myth that carrots and parsnips will cross-pollinate
Pea Self-pollinating; will not cross-pollinate with sweet peas.
Pepper Hot peppers and sweet peppers will cross-pollinate
Potato Propagated by tuber; cross-pollination isn’t an issue. (if you are propagating by seed, all varieties will cross with each other)
Radish Wild radish; spring/summer, winter, and seedpod varieties will all cross-pollinate; daikon, wild mustard, wild turnip
Spinach (more info coming)
Squash Cucurbita maxima, C. mixta, C. pepo, and C. moschata will all cross-pollinate
Tomato Self-fertilizing; potato-leaf varieties are slightly more prone to cross-pollination within varieties
Tomatillo Require cross-pollination for fruit, plant one variety at a time to ensure seed purity. Will not cross-pollinate with tomatoes (this is a myth).
Turnip Wild Turnip
Watermelon Citron; will not cross pollinate with other melon varieties.