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There is no substitute for access to a fresh water source.

If you are on municipal, you should also be storing water to be able to sustain through short-term water/electrical outages that stop the pumps. Plan on having 1 gallon per person per day: most folks need 2 quarts to drink, and the other 2 quarts will go towards very efficient cooking, bathing, cleaning. Don't forget animals and any vital plants.



It's heavy -- about 8.5 lbs per gallon -- and inconvenient to store. It won't "go bad," but you will need to store chlorinated or treated water to keep nasties from growing.

IBC Totes

Here are some fittings that will plop a faucet on an IBC:

  • 2″ Female Adapter, Slip x FPT, PVC Schedule 40
  • 2″ x ¾” Reducer Bushing, SP x FPT, PVC Schedule 40
  • One ¾” brass faucet with hose bib


Beyond what you can store, you can also hope to collect water, possibly tainted, and purify it.

See Water Purification.


See Water Filtration.

Well Pumps

EZWaterWellHandPumps makes a product I purchased years ago: a hand pump that can sit alongside your existing well pump. Can also just keep this on hand (if you're confident in your ability to quickly install it in an emergency situation).

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