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Cancer sucks.

Intro: The Truth

Cancer does suck. The truth, however, is that we all live in relative harmony with cancer -- like many bacteria and virus -- at all times in our life. Our immune system constantly detects and flushes out cancerous cells/growths.

It is only when our immune system is sufficiently compromised, due to nutrition, or for any other reason, that this balance is lost. It is this imbalance, that we call cancer.

Required Watching: The Truth About Cancer

I can't recommend highly enough obtaining and watching a documentary series called "The Truth About Cancer." It should be required watching every year for anyone with a human body.

(If you need access to this and can not find it, or afford it, please [[User:Iceagefarmer|get in touch with me])

The education about our nutritional needs and immune system function is invaluable. And, in the event that the balance is upset (as is the case for folks seeking help with cancer), there is also plenty of information on how to rectify these nutritional and energetic imbalances, allowing the body to restore the immune system, and flush out the cancer on its own.

I'm not a doctor, and the documentary is good, so I'll leave it there.

Solutions on the IAF Wiki

I have, however, dug a category for Cancer that will help us assemble links to all relevant nutrients and alternative therapies. Until I figure out how to automatically pull in a list of categorized pages into this "category page," you'll have to click Cancer and peruse.