Water Filtration

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No matter where the water comes from, it is good to filter it before putting it in your body.

  • I have used a Berkey Lite with charcoal filters for years and love it. Note that it does require additional filters to remove fluoride and some other particles.
    • Note that IAF Patreon supporters receive a 10% discount on all purchases of these filter items from Jeff at Directive21. See patreon.com/iceagefarmer.
    • I found some plans for a "homemade Berkey Lite" but haven't tried them myself: [1]
  • Another noteworthy item is the Lifestraw -- you should have one in every vehicle and your EDC bag.

I don't always filter water before watering plants; I have seen studies demonstrating no effect on soil microbiology when using chlorinated water. I am aware of folks who do put filters on their garden hoses. Do you? Why? Add here or let me know.