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Welcome to the Ice Age Farmer wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to act as a shared resource for our community as we map a path forward to prosperity, build resilient, self-sufficient communities, and share knowledge in the Grand Solar Minimum.

Where to Start

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See Help for many ways you can help all of us better prepare for the times ahead!

To add to this wiki, first register a name. Then, add or edit pages until they better reflect your wisdom! When adding information, don't sweat the formatting too much -- that can always be cleaned up later.

Get in touch with me -- my email can be found here.

Featured Article

History: Weather Records from Lewis & Clarke, during Dalton Minimum

Lewis & Clarke kept extensive journals of many aspects of their expedition in the early 19th Century. Among these, the weather records afford an interesting view into the climate as they ventured West across North America in the early part of the Dalton Minimum.