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These are crazy times! We are all in this together -- and we need your help.

Join the community of Ice Age Farmers working together to map a path forward and share knowledge as we enter this modern Grand Solar Minimum.

"How can I help?"

Glad you asked!

What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? With what knowledge or perspective does your life/work experience uniquely arm you? I had one retired bait store owner reach out to me with details on farming Earthworms.

It takes all types, and we are all types, so however insignificant you may feel, please reach out and get in touch.



Make flyers. Draw on an old t-shirt. Walk around a populated areas and tell people to read about solar cycles, check out Ice Age Farmer, to look up Adapt 2030.

Graphic Artists

I'm not a design person. If you are, I would love your support in designing:

  • flyers, for handing out in cities
  • images/memes, to post on social networks to amplify signal
  • I wouldn't mind help with an IAF logo, but that's not important. (I.e. I know my web site is awful, I just don't think that matters/priority; it's just a platform to get the podcast into itunes/stitcher.)

Dane Wiggington has done a great job with outreach for -- if you are able to make flyers, I'd be happy to distribute them here.


Post/share links/videos about this information to your social network. If that doesn't work, start your own blog/youtube/twitter, and use your own flavor and style to get the information out. It takes all types.

Walk the Walk

Talking about how civilization is doomed is of limited value. Building a hydroponics system in your front yard and eating fresh vegetables is something else entirely -- it educates kids about how food is grown, and the cycles of life. It may even inspire someone who's tired of eating flavorless, poisoned, overpriced GMO food from the store into building their own. And even if it doesn't, it's great practice, right?

Be the change you want to see in the world...



To gain an understanding of what we face, we must exhaustively explore data from previous solar cycles, the resulting effects on our planet, and indeed on earlier civilizations.


Similarly, because things are different these times, we need folks with an extremely solid understanding of planet-scale forces to chime in on what we might expect to perceive this time around. The sun's patterns seem to indicate we're entering a Dalton-like minimum. But, given a decrease in Earth's magnetic field, making us more vulnerable to CMEs and GCRs, isn't it reasonable to expect to experience more severe symptoms?

Also, it's clear the geomagnetic pole is flipping. How does this complicate/compound the effects mentioned above?

Finally, given our extensive use of technology, which has never been the case before, what might be an additional consideration? If we are due any day now for a massive CME as the Primer Fields collapse past a critical point, then we might save ourselves a lot of wondering about the OTHER questions above, by focusing on this most pressing issue.

Why did the Sea recede from Brazil, and surge in Chile?

I don't know -- do you?

Active Study

Constantly studying current data, from the sun's behavior, the strength of our magnetic field, the movement of the poles, and the disturbances in our climate and agricultural systems, is required to gauge how rapidly we are descending into the minimum, based on the historical cycles.

Watching current events is also required: because the establishment news is actively hiding the truth about the sun cycles from us, this often requires monitoring local media from around the world, and having the ability to discern the larger patterns.

Adapt2030 does a good job, and I'm trying in my own format, but it takes many folks to do this important work and reach different audiences. (We also call that the 'Bus Factor' where I come from.)

Local Data

I can't know what the weather is like where YOU are, or how YOUR gardens are faring.

Just by posting comments or sending emails, letting me know how your own farm/garden is faring, how the weather is, or what problems you're working on solving, this is extremely helpful. Get in touch!


I am trying to do all sorts of experiments to determine what some low-power, low-footprint (space), high-output, self-sufficient methods of growing food in a nearly closed system on our homestead. Among some:

These experiments take time and resources -- plus, they should be repeatable to be good science. So I could definitely use your help with on-(and off-) the-ground experimentation.

There are experiments I've not yet had time to get to. Reach out if you're interested in lending a hand!


Videos, blogs, books and articles about what's going on and how to become a self-sufficient farmer even in challenging climates need to be identified and urgently shared with people.

Resource compendiums (like this wiki) to tie together these formerly disparate concepts into a holistic plan for thriving in the Solar Minimum also require a great deal of curation and editing.

IAF Membership / Contributions

If you are strapped for time -- and I certainly understand that! -- you can support directly via Patreon or Amazon.

  • Bitcoin accepted (but not trusted long-term! ;-) ): 1CrmvmFpatBU1RXKxr9oW8pBcZdBPgni3J