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Creating this as a workspace to track the evolution of "Global Cooling" language in media, which is a tool used to program the masses and dictate the narrative. This language has been evolving rapidly as "Global Warming" narrative falls apart.

Global Cooling

May 26, 2013: MSM Global Cooling is Here

July 2015: Damage Control after Zharkova

Zharkova's paper:

The ABSOLUTE DENIAL language in headlines:

June 2017: Mt Agung Erupts: "Temporary Global Cooling?"

  • Newsweek: Giant Eruption at Bali Volcano Could Unleash Global Cooling
  • Accuweather: Could Mount Agung cause global cooling effects lasting for years?

December 2017: "Override Global Warming" headline language

Yesterday (Dec 27, 2017)'s barrage, now including an APPEAL TO AUTHORITY ("scientists"/"mathematicians") and actively destroying old programming "OVERRIDING GLOBAL WARMING"

Equating Volcanoes and Aerosol-based Solar Radiation Management (SRM) / Geoengineering

But risky:

Febrary 5-10, 2018: UCSD Study

On 2/5/18, UCSD issued a press release, Reduced Energy from the Sun Might Occur by Mid-Century. Now Scientists Know by How Much.

The release generated a slew of media coverage including the following:

  • IB Times: nice video and everything, announcing the solar Grand Minimum
  • Fox News: Why the Sun will Soon Get Dimmer -- another VIDEO


March 6, 2018: We are Not Prepared for Next Big Eruption

New study about effects of VEI7 eruptions in modern society inspires coverage in Nature mag.

March 13, 2018: Actually, humans thrived after Supervolcano

Based on this paper: Modern humans flourished through ancient supervolcano eruption 74,000 years ago from Univ. Cape Town

Continues through April

Geoengineering Narrative

Some of this is mentioned above, but I am extracting this as its own timeline, because it's weird and merits analysis:

“The future is bright for geoengineering,” Republican Rep. Randy Weber of Texas, chairman of the Energy Subcommittee of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, said at a hearing in November.* 2017-12-7: CA Congressman Introduces Groundbreaking Geoengineering Bill:
Last month, Congressman McNerney called for a hearing in the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology (SST) to collect information from experts in the field of geoengineering – which implements techniques to counteract the effects of climate change.

2018-3-21: Geoengineering not so risky!

2018-12 Late 2018 SCOPEX media blitz

  • Nature: First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth
  • Business Insider : Harvard scientists will soon send chemicals into the atmosphere to test whether a last-ditch planet-hacking plan could keep Earth habitable
  • [1]

2019 September

Climate Change causes Volcanic Eruptions

April, huge wave after the study that was specific to Iceland (and has multiple responding papers indicating it was flawed science):

Oops, Canadian Professor tells CBC it will affect Canada as well, then has to walk it back!

Climate Change Causing Agricultural Collapse

June 2018 Wave

Excuses for Food Prices

See Food Prices: Excuses

Space Shield

This one is pretty out there -- but did get coverage. See: Space_Shield_Narrative