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Creating this as a workspace to track the evolution of "Global Cooling" language in media, which is a tool used to program the masses and dictate the narrative. This language has been evolving rapidly as "Global Warming" narrative falls apart.

May 26, 2013: MSM Global Cooling is Here

July 2015: Damage Control after Zharkova

Zharkova's paper:

The ABSOLUTE DENIAL language in headlines:

June 2017: Mt Agung Erupts: "Temporary Global Cooling?"

  • Newsweek: Giant Eruption at Bali Volcano Could Unleash Global Cooling
  • Accuweather: Could Mount Agung cause global cooling effects lasting for years?

December 2017: "Override Global Warming" headline language

Yesterday (Dec 27, 2017)'s barrage, now including an APPEAL TO AUTHORITY ("scientists"/"mathematicians") and actively destroying old programming "OVERRIDING GLOBAL WARMING"

Febrary 5-10, 2018: UCSD Study

On 2/5/18, UCSD issued a press release, Reduced Energy from the Sun Might Occur by Mid-Century. Now Scientists Know by How Much.

The release generated a slew of media coverage including the following:

  • IB Times: nice video and everything, announcing the solar Grand Minimum
  • Fox News: Why the Sun will Soon Get Dimmer -- another VIDEO

Daily Mail: Is a 'mini Ice Age' on the way? Scientists warn the sun could be 'unusually cool' by 2050 (but it won't be enough to stop climate change)]