Wind Generator

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Wind Generator

Things to think about:

  • Great when combined with solar. Wind can blow at night!
  • Obviously, wind is needed..
  • On the other end of the spectrum, too much wind can tear a unit apart. A unit may need to be taken down if gale force winds or stronger are expected. Be aware of the limits of any unit you invest in!
  • Can easily use a DC motor. (easier setup, but will most likely be a brushed motor. This means after so many rotations, the brushes will need to be changed. This applies to any/all DC brushed motors, however in this use-case of energy generation, one needs to be aware of this consumable part!)

Common units available for home use

Smaller turbines can be acquired below the $1,000 mark that are capable of producing 300w~900W (at 12v-24v).

300w flag-pole turbine

Small 12v pipe-mount turbine

Micro-turbine for small toy motor

Micro Wind Farm

any real-world examples of chaining the smaller home units? TODO: chaining toy turbines for small-battery charging.