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  • have been used as a food source for thousands of years. See warnings in medicinal section however before consuming. The leaf contains 26 to 35 percent protei [[Category:Herbs]]
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  • ..., burns and ulcers. In recent years there has been renewed interest in the medicinal properties of honey. Survival honey has a high osmolality being a saturated survival meat preservation in honey Ancient Romans used honey to preserve herbs, flowers, seeds, meat and even rare game that had been brought overseas fro
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  • [[Category:Herbs]] [[Category:Medicinal Herbs]]
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  • ...s herb. It is found ALL over the area of Germany I frequent, and has many medicinal uses. ...cells. (4) It’s usually used in combination with saw palmetto and other herbs. The root of the plant is primarily used in connection with urinary issues.
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  • The Way of Herbs The Earthwise Herbal; A complete Guide to New World Medicinal Plants
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  • Adding garlic to your meals is a great way to take advantage of the numerous medicinal properties that garlic possess. The active ingredients in garlic may dimini * [[Medicinal herbs]]
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  • Cordyceps include those wild fungi that grow out of wasps. Some cordy's have medicinal benefits. ...research shows that cordyceps can act like mild stimulants or “adaptogen herbs,” fighting stress or fatigue and naturally increasing energy levels. Some
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