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Load up on it. Unless you live near a salt lick, salt is nigh impossible to source locally. Fortunately, it's currently quite cheap. Load up on it for fermentation, your animals, preserving meat, and on and on ...

There's a reason Roman soldiers pay included a portion in salt. In fact, that's where the word "salary" comes from.

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via [1]:

Salt is dirt cheap, quite literally. I originally bought it by the case when I started out in the mid eighties. But over time, the case and the cardboard containers it held tended to turn into bricks. You could still cut away the cardboard and break the salt up, with no adverse impact on the salt itself, but it was tedious.
I found that if I waited til winter, when the humidity here is usually about 20% or lower, I could take the salt out to the barn, pour it into plastic bottles, seal them tightly, and that alleviated the issue of hardening.
There are salt blocks of different size, with or without iodine, that you can buy at farmers depots, and sometimes at big box stores.
This is one of the large salt blocks intended for animal use.  If you are keeping livestock, you will need a few of these to put out for the animals to lick on from time to time.
However, the same blocks make good long term storage salt for people as well. You can put ten large salt blocks down in the basement, and if the times call for it, you just chip off what you need with a chisel, and break it up with a morter and pestel,  If you don't have one of those, improvise one,  You can buy these large blocks, roughly the size of half a cinder block, either wrapped in plastic or as plain blocks you need to wrap yourself.
There are also small salt blocks, about the size of a brick, if that's easier for you to move or store.