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A video and podcast in concert:

First, the video on hydroponics/aquaponics/closet grow:

And the podcast:

Peak Food (e32)


Peak Food

Crop Loss

  • Wheat crop worsens - "Ninety-five percent of Virginia, 61 percent of North Carolina and most of Maryland are abnormally dry or in moderate drought."

Network Effects (NYT)

LONDON — British shoppers began noticing in recent weeks that hummus prices were up significantly. The cause: a drought thousands of miles away. Insufficient rains in India have resulted in several years of poor harvests of chickpeas, the main ingredient in hummus. The country, by far the world’s largest producer of chickpeas, mostly grows the legume for domestic consumption. But worse-than-expected harvests mean that it has had to buy more chickpeas from growers elsewhere, putting pressure on supplies worldwide and driving up prices. Those limited supplies of chickpeas have combined with rising demand for hummus in Britain to send prices higher. Average prices for the dish at supermarket are 12 percent higher than a year ago

Food Price Inflation

Hope that helps with context. These losses are against an uninspiring backdrop: over last decade: via TitleMax:

  • FLOUR: +44%
  • WHITE RICE: +31%
*   SUGAR: +21%
 *  PASTA: +45%
  * BUTTER: 10%
   *AM CHEESE: 11%
  * APPLES: 15%
   *GRAPES: 28%
   *TOMATO: 16%
  * BEANS: +45%
  * POTATO: +38%
  *BEEF: +45%
  * BACON: +58%

These are some household basics, and are in MANY consumer goods


Talked EXTENSIVELY about the history of EACH documented previous minima: wolf, sporer, maunder, dalton,

extreme weather, hail, wind, plagues, famines - crop losses, wars

SO -- peak food prices. mounting crop losses. history of famine during this part of solar cycle. magnetosphere dropping. economy collapsing. water being rationed out in South Africa at gunpoint. I'm calling PEAK FOOD.

New IAF Resources

Crop Loss Map


Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism: Exploring the Nature of Magnetism, With Regards to the True Model of Atomic Geometry and Field Mechanics By Means of Rational Physics and Logic

  • sprouted next to a N-35 or N-50 gauss neodymium magnet, and a life time more of profound future understanding, relating to magnetics and dielectricity, etc. first check out Ken Wheeler’s YouTube, Theoria Apophasis. He has a groundbreaking book named ‘Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism: Exploring the Nature of Magnetism, With Regards to the True Model of Atomic Geometry and Field Mechanics By Means of Rational Physics and Logic’. He is referencing previous work done by Albert Roy David and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. in the book ‘Magnetism and its Effects on the Living System’. Wheeler is very captivating. These things he’s teaching are probably the way future people will teach it. This guy is ahead of his time, brilliant, but one must have a certain tolerance to watching his YouTube videos. These books will redefine how to think about the subjects, as well as Wheeler will give you new language to describe these understandings. Hope this helps. ;-) tremendous book, not from academia. . . Redefines thinking ‘out of box’, makes it own statement. References Tesla, Steinmetz, JJ Thomson, even Eric P. Dollard, I believe. This is a very deep subject, encompassing huge area of understanding for those whose choose to look here. The super seeds are fairly easy to understand, and grow. But I recommend his full explanation of all of his understanding. Wheeler claims he has read and owns in his personal library every book ever written on the subject, Magnetism.