IAF Podcast Episode 11

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IAF Podcast #11:

Daily Steps (2:56)

Returned to a series of failures; documented these in a youtube earlier. Started rebuilding! see video.

Ice Breaker (8:18)

via [1].

Community Feedback (38:36)

William Mallonee is correct: do NOT used exposed tires for growing food. they ARE acceptable in sustainable architecture, f.e. Earthships, see Tires.

Jack Crowley writes in about Wood Gasifier.

Send your questions, suggestions, ground reports to iceagefarmer@gmail.com

Special: Intro to Self Sufficient Gardening: Natural Cycles and Soil - 12:43

SIX RULES of organic philosophy according to John Seymour's 1980 "Self Sufficient Gardener":

1. Work with, not against, nature.

2. Nature is diverse; so too must we practice diversity.

3. Must husband other forms of life in environments as close as possible to those in which that life evolved.

4. Must return to the soil as much as we remove/harvest from it (law of conservation I'd energy at work)

5. Feed the soil, not the plant

6.must observe nature as a whole, never any single part of it.

Crop Focus: Pea - 47:53

Book of the Day

The Self-Sufficient Gardener (John Seymore, 1980) or [2]