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(see GSM Symptoms)

We likely have yet to discover many other ways that energy cycles in the solar system affect life on earth. They may strongly affect the outbreak of disease, for example. The last six peaks of the eleven-year sunspot cycle have coincided with major flu epidemics. A Soviet group under Yu. N. Achkasova at the Crimean Medical Institute, working with astronomer B. M. Vladimirsky of the Crimean Observatory, has found a connection between the sun's magnetic field and the Escherichia coli bacteria that live in our intestines and help us digest our food. The Russians found the bacteria grew faster when the sun's field was positive, or pointing toward earth, and slowed down when it was negative. Two days after the passage of each sector boundary there was a dip in bacterial growth corresponding to the maximum geomagnetic turbulence. The data also showed a decline in growth in response to large solar flares. Other Russian scientists have drawn a tentative correlation between the sector cycle and reports from two groups of persons with neurological diseases. The patients felt worse within sectors of positive polarity, when bacteria seemed to grow faster. Life's geomagnetic coupling to heaven and earth is apparently more like a web than a simple cord and socket.