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via the Seed Savers Exchange, the earliest vegetable varieties:

  • 18-day radishes (18 days)
  • 20-day radishes (Malaga, Mokhovsky, Smachny, Yuki, Komaki Hatsuka, Zhara)
  • 30-day lettuce (Parris Island Cos)
  • 30-day Swiss chard (Kiwi Green)
  • 30-day spinach (Erste Ernte, Zhirnolistnyi)
  • 30-day green onions (He-Shi-Ko Bunching, Russkiy Zimniy)
  • 35-day hot peppers (Flame Tongue)
  • 35-day cucumbers (Korall)
  • 36-day summer squash (Beloplodnyi)
  • 40-day tomato (Vee One)
  • 40-day turnips (Shogoin, Snowball)
  • 45-day kale (Frizee, Oregreen Curled)
  • 55-day corn (Bear Island Flint)
  • 60-day eggplants (Patsekha, Snowy)
  • 60-day watermelon (Bozeman)
  • 65-day melons (Collective Farm Woman, Sweet Granite)
  • 65-day globe onion (Karmen)
  • 84-day leeks (King Sieg)