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Assembling intel.

Bill Gates

  • geoengineering with David Keith at Harvard
  • Funding a GMO cow [1]
  • Starting AgOne in 2020 [2] because "we aren't getting new ag tech into small farmers fast enough" [3]
  • Funds event 201, which predicts an outbreak of coronavirus and cascading failures in supply chain [4]
  • Buying up ($171m) Washington farmland [5]

Lab-Grown Meat

  • Lab-grown meat startup [6] "Clean Meat" with fellow Billionaire Richard Branson
  • Funds Impossible Foods ("We Want to END ANIMAL AGRICULTURE"), Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats

George Soros / John Podesta

  • Funds Podesta's Center for American Progress, which in turn hosts the Food Chain Reaction game, simulating a global food supply falters after climate change/epidemics wreak havoc [7]

Jeff Bezos

  • Amazon
  • Buys Whole Foods Aug 2017 as retail
  • Funds (heavily) Plenty, vertical indoor farms -- as well as investing in similar operations in China
    • Plenty now sells greens via Whole Foods [9]


  • Robotic bees for pollinating indoor farms
  • Consolidating supply chain:
    • Opened their own dairy processing plant 2018 [10][11]
    • Opened their own meat processing plant 2020 [12]