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I've always been a fan of timelapse. Used to enjoy doing it of cityscapes. Now I enjoy the perspective it lends to plants.

Some folks have asked how I create the timelapse. For years I used "EvoCam," but it seems to have perished. Lately, for better or worse, I just record a video at normal framerate (with audio even), and then speed it up in post. This, however, turns out to suck if you use OS X's native Quicktime approach; I kept getting errors "Video recording stopped. Try again" after 30-90min, which doesn't give enough coverage into the night for a security video.

Lately, I've been using a terrible designed piece of software called CamWiz. It's hard to imagine a worse UI. IF you can figure out how to use it, it does NOT seem to use the QuickTime API underneath, which means it's not affected by this bug in Quicktime, as everything else I've tried seems to sit atop Apple's API. Which makes sense, but sucks when Apple blows it.

So there it is.