Oyster Mushrooms

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Oyster mushrooms have some nutritious properties that are too numerous for me to reproduce here now. Vitamin D is among them, though. Mushrooms have been used throughout history as well for medicinal applications.


These dowels did work for me. As mentioned in the videos, I sterilized (boiled) straw before inoculating with the dowel spawn.

I've also heard from listeners that inoculating logs should give 3-4 years of fruiting mushrooms, yet often they'll get as many as 6 years of good production. So maybe that's a better way to go than boiling bags of straw...

Any feedback here?

This project took so long to complete, that my data is not flawless on timeline. Sorry for the sloppy write-up; hope to improve soon.

Here is a first video

And a second video

Months later (9/11/2017), I awoke to find that mushrooms had fruited out of one of the bags. Perhaps it is because it's finally getting cool at night? I cut open the other bags to try to encourage fruiting there too, as the mycelium has fully colonized the medium, but nothing much has happened.